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Email winners- 1st-Seth Boehmer, 2nd –Brian Muller, 3rd –Jacob Walther , 4th Lindsey Siroky, 5th Julia Muller, 6th Elaina Brooks  Thank you for all the emails we love to hear what you think about the club! See you all next year!


As we close another season of Centerville’s only Ski and Rider Club we can reflect on what we have accomplished. This year was a struggle from the beginning with the changes PN had made, but we overcame every one of them. I will admit that there was quite a bit more work on our end making sure everyone was in the right lesson and was hopefully learning something and getting better! This is the backbone of our club and will continue to help make our members the best skiers and boarders they can be. Please give any feedback, both good and bad, to us so we can make changes for next year. The extra discount passes PN extended to the club members’ friends and family were a hit! We sold an extra 20 or more passes each week at a great savings! The more the merrier! Next year look for that to continue; however, we will need notification and payment before the Friday you are attending. We would like to get out on the slopes ourselves, and this did take a lot of our time. The 5th week was not the nightmare we thought it would be. Everyone signed up for the bus by the deadline and the 3 buses were a perfect fit! Everyone paid on time! Thank you!!!!!!!


Our volunteers and chaperones are THE BEST IN TOWN!!!!!!! Hands down! From the beginning at the first meeting they stepped up to help and helped through the last meeting that we accomplished in record time! The ones who traveled with us to and from PN will be hard to replace (hopefully many will be with us another 2 years) because they pretty much ran the show! They got the kids loaded in record time. If you noticed, we made it back each week by 11:15pm and picked up by 11:30-wow!!!

This could be that we had mild weather too, but in any case they were awesome!


We had our share of injury this year and hope next year will be less dramatic. Everyone is doing well and plans on joining us again next year.

 The 5th night was perfect; the only first aid visit we made was for a broken fingernail! Way to go kids!


With such a crazy and mild winter we need to recognize PN and their efforts to pull off a great season for our kids. It amazes us that we actually got all 5 trips in and the conditions were much better than anyone thought.


Our Chili and Cheescake night was a great success, and Emily Mullen will organize it again next year. She has recruited a mom at Watts and is currently looking for a 6th grade Tower Heights mom to help for next year. Let us know if you are interested.


Lost and found- there is a small box of items in the trailer. We will take it to Watts and if you are missing a glove, hat, or anything please stop by and see if it is there. Next year we will stress putting your child’s name on all their belongings. There is a lot to keep track of on a Friday night.


To all of our 8th graders moving on to the “The Big House” next year, good luck to you in all you do and stop by and say “hi” when you hit the slopes. Remember – we will extend our club pricing to you during our sale month October through the second week in November. Most passes can be picked up in December at Watts during our last meeting. High school passes are handed out in the lobby outside the gym.

Here’s to another successful year, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year. Take care and…..THINK SPRING!!!!!


Julie Ashley and Andy Wheeler




Mission Statement

Centerville Middle School Ski & Rider Club exists for the recreational benefit and social development of Middle School students through the sports of Skiing and Snowboarding.


The club actively promotes the enjoyment of these sports by supporting instruction through lessons in a safe and controlled manner while fostering positive peer interaction and the development of personal responsibility.

So What is This About?

Physical, social, and recreational development that is FUN!

The club currently allows for 200 hundred students to ride a bus under adult supervision for 5 trips to Perfect North Slopes. Any Centerville City School student and family are eligible to participate in the discounted passes with accompanied lessons.


Encouraged for all middle school students within the Centerville City School District. Members of the 8th grade will have first priority to join, followed by 7th grade and finally 6th grade participants will be added to the list last.


Why participate?

For adventure, inspiration, and to fall in love with an amazing activity that is not only healthy, but a ton of fun! This club is intent on providing an environment of learning to ski and/or snowboard in a safe and unpressured environment, not to mention at an incredible rate.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email



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