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THE 2017 CMS Ski and Rider Club season has begun! Bring on the snow!

This year the club can extend savings to our families and friends on the nights the club is at PN! This year our trip nights are Jan. 13, 20 , 27 (Chili and Cheesecake Party), Feb. 4 and 10th. If you would like to join us on the slopes those days for skiing, boarding or tubing please use the link below and submit your order. Simply print out the voucher or save it to your phone and take it to the PN ticket window to redeem your lift ticket. Rentals are only $17 if added at th
e time you order on line. If you need to add them on once at PN the cost jumps to $25. 


                                                    PERFECT NORTH LINK

Once on the PN website choose "c" from the abc line, on the drop down choose C_ville Friends and Family, use the password "ville", then choose "E TICKET", click on the item you want ski/board or tubing. Complete the info needed and submit. Simply print the voucher or save to your phone. Take that to PN to redeem your lift ticket and enjoy! A portion of all tickets will help support our Senior Scholarship, thank you for your support!

January 19th- TOMORROW'S Ski trip is ON!
Dear CMS Ski and Rider Club Members,

We will head to the hills tomorrow Friday January 20th. The temperature will be in the low 50’s and the snow will be soft and wet, dress accordingly. Dry socks, sweats and trash bag may come in handy.

Please be at Watts by 11:20pm to pick up your child. Last week it was 11:45pm when the last child was picked up. We enjoy what we do but it is a long day and we want to get home. Thank you!

Lessons will begin at 6 and we will do our best to be there and ready. Last call is 6:10 then the next lesson begins at 6:50. Please let your children know they must move quickly to get to lessons on time. Lessons are offered at 6,7 and 8. Members need to be there by 10 till or 10 after. All bus-riding members are expected to be in lessons. There is always something we can learn and we want to be the best skilled club out there! If you miss the 6:00 lesson, practice what you learned last week, stay close to the lesson area, or get a snack before heading over- be there at 6:50 for the 7:00 lesson. PN keeps track of who takes lessons!

The winners of the “Sign the Sign” are- Emily Stanforth, Ashley Bechtel, Matthew Wilkins, Collin Brunner! Congratulations! Please see Mrs. Voss at Watts before we head to PN or at the table in the East lodge after lessons to claim your prize.

If you would like to join us on the slopes please visit our website and on the home page click on the PERFECT NORTH LINK use C_ville and password “ville” to order discounted tickets for the night. There is no limit and any family or friend of the club’s can take advantage of these awesome savings! Plus a portion of the sale goes towards our new Senior Scholarship! Thank you for your support!

Skiing in the Midwest is always a challenge; next week looks like promising “ski” weather. If conditions are right PN could be making snow next Friday so you may want to invest in a pair of goggles. Next week is our Chili and Cheesecake night and we will stay an hour later. Watch for more information to come out about that special night.


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Click on the above links for the notes from our October 19th meeting 

Notes from Dec 5th
Click on the above link for the notes from the December 5th meeting


Centerville Ski and Rider Club 




Mission Statement

Centerville Middle School Ski & Rider Club exists for the recreational benefit and social development of Middle School students through the sports of Skiing and Snowboarding.


The club actively promotes the enjoyment of these sports by supporting instruction through lessons in a safe and controlled manner while fostering positive peer interaction and the development of personal responsibility.

So What is This About?

Physical, social, and recreational development that is FUN!

The club currently allows for 200 hundred students to ride a bus under adult supervision for 5 trips to Perfect North Slopes. Any Centerville City School student and family are eligible to participate in the discounted passes with accompanied lessons.


Encouraged for all middle school students within the Centerville City School District. Members of the 8th grade will have first priority to join, followed by 7th grade and finally 6th grade participants will be added to the list last.


Why participate?

For adventure, inspiration, and to fall in love with an amazing activity that is not only healthy, but a ton of fun! This club is intent on providing an environment of learning to ski and/or snowboard in a safe  environment, not to mention at an incredible rate.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email



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