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We will be going to PN tomorrow night for our last ski trip of the season. There will be three buses and ONLY those who signed up will be riding to and from PN. If you did not sign your child up to ride the bus and you want them to enjoy our last trip simply drive down and have fun! Discount tickets are available to you and your child! Please drop off payment to 326 Banbury Rd 45459 by tonight, Thursday Feb. 4th. Lift tickets are $30/$17 rentals. All tickets will be ready for pick up in the East lodge once we hand out the bus rider’s tickets.


The weather looks like winter again so dress in layers and encourage your child to go in and warm up when they feel cold. Due to the rain earlier this week there may be some slick spots so please be cautious, we want everyone to have a fun but safe night. There may be the possibility that PN may be making snow- send goggles if you have them and a bandana or facemask.


Bus Riders- names of those signed up will be highlighted. We will fill 3 buses : ) If name is not highlighted they will not be permitted on the bus.

                                   If you are making up a week please proceed through the outside ticket window like you have the last few weeks. Get your equipment and make your way to lessons by 6:30. Make arrangements to meet up with your friends around 7:30-7:45.

                                 If you purchased a ticket for tonight’s trip make your way to the East lodge-enter the lodge through the last door on your right facing the parking lot (past the breezeway where your equipment goes) If you have your own equipment get it first then go to get your lift ticket. We will be set up and will get them handed out as soon as possible.  There will be chaperones to help you know where to go.


Contests -  We will announce the email winners and prizes will be handed out to those who entered ! Everyone who submitted something will go home with a prize!

                     There will be candy jars for you to win also. Simply guess how many pieces are in each jar- guess the right amounts without going over and the jar is yours to take home!



If your child has lift tickets left on their pass please use them any Friday night PN is open this season!


Hope everyone had a good time this year and will come out and play in the snow with us next year!


Mission Statement

Centerville Middle School Ski & Rider Club exists for the recreational benefit and social development of Middle School students through the sports of Skiing and Snowboarding.


The club actively promotes the enjoyment of these sports by supporting instruction through lessons in a safe and controlled manner while fostering positive peer interaction and the development of personal responsibility.

So What is This About?

Physical, social, and recreational development that is FUN!

The club currently allows for 200 hundred students to ride a bus under adult supervision for 5 trips to Perfect North Slopes. Any Centerville City School student and family are eligible to participate in the discounted passes with accompanied lessons.


Encouraged for all middle school students within the Centerville City School District. Members of the 8th grade will have first priority to join, followed by 7th grade and finally 6th grade participants will be added to the list last.


Why participate?

For adventure, inspiration, and to fall in love with an amazing activity that is not only healthy, but a ton of fun! This club is intent on providing an environment of learning to ski and/or snowboard in a safe and unpressured environment, not to mention at an incredible rate.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email



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