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Looking for something fun to do this winter? Do you like being outside and trying new things? Enjoy playing in the snow? The Centerville Middle School Ski and Rider Club just might be what you are looking for! If you would like more information about this awesome club please join us at Watts on September 10th at 7pm. We will also be looking for a few parents to help support our club this year. We need someone to help collect orders, sort and deliver spirit wear, trailer driver(s), coordinate our chili and cheesecake night. Hope to see you at Watts! If you have questions or want to help please email  


1st Place: Grace Leedy 

2nd Place: Rohan Dhingra

3rd Place: Katie Lynch

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The Centerville Middle School Ski & Rider Club exists for the recreational benefit and social development of Middle School students through the sports of Skiing and Snowboarding. 

The club actively promotes the enjoyment of these sports by supporting instruction through lessons in a safe and controlled manner while fostering positive peer interaction and the development of personal responsibility


Physical, social, and recreational development that is FUN!

The club currently allows for 200 hundred students to ride a bus under adult supervision for 5 trips to Perfect North Slopes. Any Centerville City School student and family are eligible to participate in the discounted passes with accompanied lessons.


Encouraged for all middle school students within the Centerville City School District. Members of the 8th grade will have first priority to join, followed by 7th grade and finally 6th grade participants will be added to the list last.


Why participate? For adventure, inspiration, and to fall in love with an amazing activity that is not only healthy, but a ton of fun! This club is intent on providing an environment of learning to ski and/or snowboard in a safe and stress free environment, not to mention at an incredible rate.


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ANNOUNCEMENT - 1/15/2015

On the first night of Ski Club I think the 145 members who came on the bus with the abundant supply of the best volunteers in Centerville had a pretty fun time regardless of the very cold temperatures and craziness of the first night. However, Scot reminded me the first night is always crazy! We had the largest amount of “newbie’s” join us this year and the process of getting the lift ticket, bundling up with all the proper clothing, finding the perfect pair of ski or board boots (a strange uncomfortable feeling at first), getting the skis or board after filling out new paperwork, finding a place to put the items they didn’t need (but remembering to keep out the things they did need before the locker locked!) and making it out to lessons! Whew! The helmet line seemed longer that the newest Kings Island ride in the spring! With all this chaos going on PN accommodated our beginner members well by adding instructors as the kids exited the rental shop. Groups were a little mixed up but everyone went with the flow! I regret to mention that our more advanced members in group 2 did not all make it to a lesson but next week should go much smoother with everyone getting a lesson in. I will be working with PN to help make our arrival more efficient. Your child’s lesson group should appear on their lift ticket. If there isn’t one please let me know and I will find out which one they will go to on Friday. As I walked around I saw lots of happy faces with laughter filling the lodge. The hot chocolate and toe warmers were a nice touch in the East lodge. We will have our sign on the table to be signed by everyone this week since not everyone had a chance to sign it last week. There will be 4 prizes given out to 4 lucky signers! Don’t forget to head over and say “Hi” to our lodge parents and fix a cup of hot chocolate to warm up !

Parents-Please remember to be at Watts at 11:20-11:30pm to pick up your child. Don’t depend on a phone call from your child : )

The best part was hearing about the fun that was had and the new friendships beginning to grow and everyone came home safe without injury! Always our goal!!

Look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

The weather this week looks much more favorable to all-PN is expecting temperatures in the low 30’s to upper 20’s. This is still winter temps and your child should be dressed appropriately. Please make sure everything is packed and ready before Friday morning.

Think Snow!

Julie Ashley
Club Coordinator
CMS Ski and Rider Club


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